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Popularity and Pricing Monitor


Do you need to know how popular the products you sell are on Amazon?


Would you like to get a daily output of this products key metrics?



Daily output of popularity and pricing

Every day. we will query Amazon for the popularity and pricing of your entire inventory for both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. This information is saved and input into the following fields for every item you want monitored:

      • SKU
      • Asin (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers)
      • Low price (3rd party merchants)
      • Amazon Buy Box price
      • Popularity

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Why do I need this?

        • Historical data allows you to gain powerful insights into seasonal trends.
        • Learn which items are most popular on Amazon so you can know which to feature on your websites.
        • Know when to buy out the stock of a particular SKU based on historical trends.
        • Which products to focus marketing efforts (PPC) in your different markets (US vs. Canada).
        • Undercut pricing and determine pricing rules of the competition by knowing what the low price is from other 3rd party merchants.


How does it work?

You provide the UPCs or ASINs you want us to monitor via spreadsheet. Then at the end of every day we get the pricing and popularity of these items and put it into a spreadsheet for you that you can access.

We start at $399 per month so we fit into most peoples budgets. 


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