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How to choose an Amazon Repricing Vendor

Auto-repricers compete with one another on Amazon, and often drive prices into the ground. Some repricers auto-repricing systems that go into a tail spin, pricing way below cost.

At least three things determine the worth of a re-pricing tool. One is how controllable is it, i.e. can it discard outliers in price, account for condition, etc. Another is how long it takes to reprice and the third one is how often the repricer is updated to reflect changes on Amazon.


Amazon Repricing Control

If you cant control the repricing of your inventory as often as you want 24/7 you are dead in the water. During the holidays when you could have website sales, Amazon sales, eBay sales, brink and mortar sales, inventory control is critical. Any repricer that does not allow you to control price and availability at the drop of a hat is not worth the headaches it causes.


Amazon Repricing Speed

When it comes to speed you want to be able to know for sure that when you need to set a new floor price or update your pricing you can do it in a matter of seconds. That means the repricer engine needs to be updating constantly. Does the repricing happen hourly, daily, or every minuet. Can you control the duration of each repricing cycle? These questions are critical to your success on Amazon and the difference between a repricing strategy that has a strong ROI and one that barley makes a difference to the bottom line.


Amazon Repricing Algorithms

Many Amazon Repricers use the same Algorithms for years even though the Amazon goes through many different changes to its back end systems and rules every few months. Does the repricing company keep innovating? Is it important to choose an Amazon Repricing Software based on price alone?  The answer is the price usually comes first, as the ROI needs to be part of the discussion but too often the question of innovation does not come up. Its is just as important to question if this Amazon Repricing Solution will work in 6 months or a year from now vs how much its going to cost today.



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