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Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA ROI

Do you need to maximize your profits when you sell via FBA?

Do you need to know which of your products are best for FBA vs MFN (Merchant Fulfillment Network)?

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We help Amazon 3rd party merchants decide which SKUs are the best to send to FBA to maximize your ROI. We all know that selling via FBA can dramatically increase sales, but picking the right inventory for FBA can be a challenge. If you pick the wrong inventory it can be a costly mistake causing you to pay monthly fees to Amazon for storage of inventory. Uncovering which products are the right ones to send to FBA and which ones should be MFN is tricky. That is where we come in, we can help you by looking at your entire inventory, if thats 10 SKUs or 1 million and determine which are going to be the best for your FBA channel.
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Determining which of your products to send to FBA requires complex algorithms and a deep knowledge of Amazon sales history. Our software has been helping our clients on amazon since 2008 and let us help you by showing you the value of our FBA ROI software with a free demo. We will demo with your SKUs, so you will walk away with valuable knowledge of which of your SKUs are the best for FBA and which are best MFN.

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