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Amazon MAP- Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring and Enforcement

Are your distributors failing to follow your MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy on Amazon? Do you need 24/7 monitoring of your MAP on Amazon and Amazon 3rd Party seller, including FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)? Monitoring your own MAP on Amazon can be both difficult and time-consuming.

Marketplace Repricing’s proprietary Amazon MAP SaaS is the only customized solution to MAP protection on the Amazon Platform. Our software is easily tailored to your monitoring needs, allowing you to monitor your products though out the entire day or during particular hours to collect intel and report on MAP violations for you. We provide you with screen shots of the actual violations, date and time stamped to prove the violations occurred. We give you detailed access to daily reports that are specific to your business needs:

  • Report only MAP violations
  • Report all dealers selling your products
  • Direct link to contact the seller violating MAP with Amazon

Many companies are losing millions of dollars in equity and brand value as advertised prices are pushed lower on Amazon. Our solution saves you the time and of researching each product and 3rd party seller on Amazon. We give you the direct link to contact the violating seller so make your enforcement of MAP easy and thourgh.

Enforcing your MAP is the most important step you can take to ensure that your brand is protected. Our Amazon MAP solution will give you the ability monitor and enforce MAP policy efficiently and cost-effectively. Let us help preserve the value of your brand.


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We start at $399 per month so we fit into most peoples budgets. Please use the contact below so we can discuss your specific needs.  

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